Rights & Policies

We take privacy seriously, and we value transparency.

Your rights

We believe every customer has the same privacy rights, no matter where they live.

Right to know
You have the right to read your data in a comprehensible, human-friendly format.
Right to export
You have the right to export your data in a portable, machine-friendly format.
Right to rectify
You have the right to demand we correct any inaccurate personal data.
Right to opt-out
You have the right to opt-out of future marketing communications or data sale.
Right to delete
You have the right to delete your personal data from our system.
Right to complain
You have the right to lodge a complaint with your supervisory authority.

Our policies

We make money providing a great service, not selling your data.

Terms of Service
We work hard to be a reliable partner and provide the best subscription service possible.
Privacy Policy
We collect the minimum amount of personal data to provide our service, and you control it.
We share your data with third-parties who provide services to us but cannot use your data for any other purpose.
Cookie Policy
We use cookies to identify your device, but it’s necessary for authentication and anonymous for analytics.
Code of Conduct
We expect all members of our community to provide a harassment-free environment for everyone.
End-of-life Policy
We deprecate our SDK and API versions predictably to avoid creating unplanned work for you.